The two-story house with a basement is a Tri-Gable Ell which was originally constructed in 1869, with major additions in 1883, as evidenced by research performed by the petitioner and stated in the attached narrative.

The Gabled-Ell is best described by its basic form and a distinctive “L” shape which creates a front gable and side gable. The house style was most common in the latter half of the nineteenth century (from about 1860-1910). They are typically of frame construction, are asymmetrical, and can have details from any style. They could be quite simple or very decorative. The large and imposing nature of the home, and steep roof can be noted as Victorian influences.

The property at 5226 Carpenter Street includes many of these features, including a cross gabled roof with the distinctive “L” shape. As stated by the petitioner, most of the original clapboard siding and stone foundation has been retained over the years through various renovations and restorations. The original rear portion of the home was built in late 1868 and the front addition was completed by 1884, which included the addition of the bay windows to the north and south side of the house. The renovation or restoration work has been done while maintaining the original style and architecture of the house.