featured-photos-sampleWe would love to hear about your historic Downers Grove home!

If you know the history of your home, we would love to hear about previous occupants. The Downers Grove Museum is a great place to start researching your home if you are interested in the history.

Renovation Process:

If you restored your home, we would love to hear the story of how you found the home and the inspiration for renovating.


We would love to see historical photos, before and after shots or any photos that showcase your home.

Landmark Status

Is your home currently landmarked or do you plan on landmarking? Is your home a Centennial Home as designated by the Downers Grove Historical Society?

Recommended Resources

Please tell us of any resources you would recommend for research or renovation!


Style of Home:
Year Built:
General Contractor:

How do I have my home featured here?

Please send your information to admin@friendsoftheedwardshouse.com, we will send a page to proof before publishing. Thank you in advance for contributing!